800 Series

Fendt 800 Series

Innovation through passion
With the 800 Vario, Fendt enters the next generation of compact high-horsepower tractors. A maximum power output of 280 hp, a top speed of 60 kph and the Variotronic electronics platform are only a few of the highlights of the 800 Vario. The SCR engine technology guarantees the highly efficient use of fuel for even greater economy. That is a new dimension in innovative power – experience the 800 Vario from Fendt.
822 Vario 220 hp 162 kW
824 Vario 240 hp 176 kW
826 Vario 260 hp 191 kW
828 Vario 280 hp 206 kW

Fendt 800 Series

Fendt Efficient Technology

Innovations, perfectly implemented, are only meaningful and valuable if they provide noticeable benefits. That's what Fendt Efficient Technology stands for. The Philosophy: MORE from LESS – achieve more using less resources, such as time, fuel or inputs. Because efficiency is our driving force – for your long-term success.

Fendt Efficient Technology Web Special


Discover the tangible benefits of a Fendt tractor now. Experience how Fendt Efficient Technology gives you the decisive edge in cost-effectiveness and profitability.

Overall profitability - Leaders drive Fendt

Investing right means saving in the long-term

It is clear that you get cutting-edge technology with a Fendt tractor. But there's much more to the overall cost picture of a Fendt Vario: from competent consultation, to comprehensive services up to the special value retention of a Fendt tractor.

Fendt overall profitability


  • Fendt efficiency for the best cost-effectiveness per hectare
  • Fendt Comfort for pleasant working conditions day after day
  • Fendt Retention of Value for an unbeatable resale value
  • Fendt Service for competent consultation and full reliability
  • Fendt Flexibility for custom financing and individual offers
  • Fendt Expert Driver Training for the most efficient Vario driving



Efficiency: The recipe for successful economical operations

We make no compromises when it comes to efficiency, because our objective is to be the leader for cost-effectiveness per hectare and kilometre. The very best technology is just good enough here, for example, as is found in the 800 Vario: the highly efficient Vario drive train and the fuel-saving SCR technology in combination with TMS. These further increase the already first-class efficiency of the Vario and reduce costs per hectare and kilometre.

Customers on the 800 Vario


Agrolohn, Johann Kobler, 10,000 HA Contractor

“What we really like about the 828 Vario is its manoeuvrability and low weight. Despite its actual dimensions, the tractor feels compact when driving it.” “The new 800 Vario scores with ride comfort and safety; with its suspension and chassis design concept you feel good, even at 60 km/h.” “The new terminal is very user-friendly. A 70-year old customer, who rents tractors from us, has no trouble operating it.”

“The same thing goes for connecting an ISO bus compatible implement; just plug it in and the Varioterminal can be used to control the implement functions. It’s that easy.” “For us, when we buy a tractor, it is not the price of the tractor that counts, but rather the low costs per hour and a good resale value, and that is why we drive Fendt tractors.”

Agrolohn, Jodef Haidn, Bayern, 10,000 HA Contractor

“Manoeuvrability and ease of operation is super in the new 800 Vario” “There are fewer dials on the new terminal and I can navigate much faster using the touchscreen. The overview in the new terminal of the tractor functions or camera image is excellent. Implement control via ISO bus is very easy and practical.”

“Fuel consumption has become lower through AdBlue and filling the tank is uncomplicated. ... we manage very well with it in our day to day operations.” “Their quality, their reliability, and they are tractors that are always state-of-the-art, and accessibility for maintenance is worked out very well.”

Agri Toukola Oy, Juha-Pekka Toukola, Finland, 415 HA arable farming

“The manoeuvrability of the machine is impressive, despite the size of the tractor. That makes the tractor very versatile. It is easy to operate the tractor with the new terminal and the armrest, and you find your way around quickly.” “The ride comfort ... the most important advantage of the Vario transmission; for me, however, safety also plays an important role. The Vario convinces with its economical diesel consumption and work is finished faster.” “For me, Fendt is the best that is available on the market.”

Antti Rinkinen, Finland, 300 HA arable farming

“I find the design of the tractor very attractive. Furthermore, the 800 Vario SCR is also more manoeuvrable than the 900 Vario.” “The ease of operation of the Vario transmission is one of the most important advantages for me. The tractor is also very economical and gives you a good sense of safety on the road and in the field.” “I visited colleagues in the factory in Marktoberdorf. There I was convinced by the Fendt brand and the 900 Vario, and I haven’t regretted it!”


Ten medals were awarded at the beginning of April 2013 at the international agricultural trade fair “Kąpasėsi” at the Aleksandras Stulginskis University in Kaunas in Lithuania. The agricultural equipment manufacturer AGCO/Fendt received one of the coveted awards for new products and innovations in agricultural engineering for its across-range operating interface concept, Variotronic, which enables ease of operation in the tractors, the Katana 65 forage harvester and now also in the C-Series harvesting machines.

Test results

Variotronic is the best in test

The new Fendt Variotronic scores across the board. With an overall score of 1.9, the Variotronic is the clear winner in the top agrar magazine “Operating Concept” test* (issues 01/2011 and 3/2011). “Fendt has succeeded in clearly arranging a large number of functions on the armrest. Top agrar concludes: “The monitor sets new standards with its menu navigation.”

VarioGuide receives final score of 1.55!

In the top agrar tractor test “GPS steering systems” in issue 03/2011, VarioGuide scored a 1.55:

“The system is simple, well integrated and works well.”

The next step to your 800 Vario

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