7 Series TTV  Agrotron

Deutz-Fahr 7 Series TTV Agrotron

Deutz-Fahr 7 Series TTV Agrotron

The new 7 Series TTV Agrotrons are designed to achieve high performance and maximise production efficiency output. DEUTZ-FAHR has fine tuned the most advanced technology to produce this new series, which boasts excellent performance, low fuel consumption and outstanding operator comfort. Giugiaro’s Design has put its distinctive style stamp on the new 7 Series, characterising the series with an exclusive bonnet, futuristic mudguard shape with LED light units and a cab layout that is the only one of its kind on the market.

Together, these characteristics have led 7 Series to obtain the “Tractor of the year 2013” and “Golden tractor for the design” titles. These are two significant recognitions, awarded by an international panel of journalists from the sector, and are the result of DEUTZ-FAHR’s continual investment in cutting edge technology and research into design and unparalleled comfort. These awards confirm that those who choose 7 Series are gaining a tractor for the future, that is reliable and innovative and maintains a high economic value over time.


The beating heart of this innovative series is the Deutz TCD 6.1 L06 4V, 6 cylinder engine, with maximum power levels  (ECE R-120 with Power Boost), up to 263 HP (194 kW) in the engine that runs the TTV 7250.

The engines have four valves per cylinder with a centrally-positioned injector, turbocharger with intercooler and wastegate valve, integrated electronic control of DCR (Deutz Common Rail) high-pressure fuel injection and emission gas treated by an SCR catalytic converter. These features allow the engine to reach peak performance and excellent fuel consumption levels, as well minimising pollutant emissions.


The TTV transmission of 7 Series combines the efficiency of mechanical components  with  the  comfort  and  smoothness  of  a hydrostatic system. This efficient and reliable system is capable of varying speed continuously, optimising engine power without unnecessary loading or fuel wastage, for easier and more productive work These operating principles allow the TTV transmission to quickly provide the required driving speed, ensuring a smooth drive and advantages in terms of on-the-move comfort and safety, particularly when driving on roads. Designed for a maximum speed of 60 km/h, the new DEUTZ-FAHR Series 7 tractors can reach 40 - 50 km/h (depending on regulations) at 1,357 - 1,695 rpm. In the field as well, though, productivity is still at top level due to automatic engagement of double heading and locking of the differential gears already available as standard. Lastly, the superior comfort of the TTVs is enhanced by the transmission control system. To drive the tractor the operator no longer needs clutch, gears, accelerator and brakes. It is often possible to use only the joystick to make small adjustments to the working speeds.


The new Maxi Vision Cab offers a very high level of technology and comfort. Computerised analysis of airflows, the use of high-quality materials and the spaciousness of the cab create an inviting and comfortable working environment.

Controls have been designed ergonomically, all of the controls have been laid out in a logical and practical way and all of the on-board information has been clearly indicated, making the tractor easy to drive and putting the operator at ease right from the start.

The exclusive multifunction lever allows the operator to easily control the main functions of 7 Series using one hand. The multifunction armrest, integrated into the driver seat, includes all of the main controls for managing the implements. Levers and buttons are grouped in a practical way and arranged according to the frequency of their use.

All of the controls are clearly distinguished and coloured to make the tractor easy for the operator to use. A general lighting control panel also groups together all of the controls for managing the lights used while working and those used on the road. Finally, the electronically- controlled, automatic climate control system and the anti-vibration function ensure that the cab is comfortable.

The suspension of the standard front axle, the mechanical or pneumatic suspension of the cab, as well as the brand new semi-active suspensions are just a few of the features included.

The driving seats are also highly innovative. Cutting-edge seats with pneumatic suspension and an automatic level control system are available as standard.  For more demanding requirements, 7 Series can be equipped with new active suspension seats. Lastly, a spacious passenger seat, equipped with comfortable padding, is also available.





Hydraulic System

The standard combination includes an independent 44 l/min steering pump and a 160 l/min Load Sensing pump. Four double action remote control valves are available as standard.  These valves are proportionally-controlled and can be increased up to seven on request. When specifying seven valves, two valves are dedicated for operations using the optional front hitch. All the remote control valves can be locked, also used in single action, when lifting and have a detented “float” position. The timing and flow of all valves can be adjusted. All the control levers are distinguished by colour and can be programmed for combination with various hydraulic attachments. The Power-Beyond facility allows you to directly connect the oil flow from the pump to attached equipment - a useful option when the machinery is equipped with an independent control unit that requires a high oil flow capacity. The Load Sensing pump continuously adjusts the hydraulic power requirement. When no hydraulic power is required, the pump goes into a “Standby” mode, minimising power dissipation (and fuel consumption) and guaranteeing the hydraulic components a long operating life.

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