1000 Series

Fendt 1000 Series

Big. Strong. Unique. Experience true strength, full traction, masterful controls and intelligent connectivity with the new Fendt 1000 Vario.

Model kW hp
1038 291 396
1042 320 435
1046 350 476
1050 380 517

Fendt 1000 Series

The Number One for heavy draft work.

The Fendt 1000 Vario puts its power to work. Its large tyres, intelligent ballasting and tyre pressure assistant, as well as unique, variable four-wheel drive, deliver the right amount of grip in any situation – along with outstanding manoeuvrability. And it is not only powerful for draft work alone 

High power – low fuel consumption Fendt iD.

Low engine speed concept Fendt iD. Those who drive a Fendt 1000 Vario no longer have to bother themselves with the best engine speed ranges. They are always automatically ideal. The Fendt 1000 Vario always runs in the maximum torque range for the lowest specific fuel consumption, which means that high power is already delivered at low engine speeds. “High torque, low engine speed” is the principle under which all vehicle components, such as the engine, transmission, fan, hydraulics and all consumers, were designed for ideal speeds.

The way Fendt iD works

The entire drive train of the Fendt 1000 Vario works at an economic optimum. The high-capacity engines with VTG turbocharger unfold their enormous power potential efficiently at low engine speeds. The transmission and variable four-wheel drive ensure ideal power distribution within the optimal consumption range. The Concentric Air System (CAS) cooling concept, with high performance fan, cools all heat exchangers

according to need and boosts overall efficiency. All consumers, such as the air-conditioning, air compressor or alternator, are coordinated for low wear through low engine speeds.

High torque – low fuel consumptionThe Fendt iD low engine speed concept results in

permanently low fuel consumption and an extended
service life. The speed band of the Fendt 1000 Vario
ranges from 650 rpm to 1700 rpm. In the main working
range, the speeds range from 1100 to 1500 rpm, which
is gentle on the components and lowers consumption.
The engine in the Fendt 1050 Vario already delivers an
impressive 2400 Nm of torque at 1100 rpm.


Maximum modularity for your daily work.


The Fendt 1000 Vario occupies a new segment with its power output. Its design as a high-performance standard tractor brings together all the benefits for operations in the field and on the road. 


For high-horsepower tractors, in particular, the design benefits of a standard tractor really count, such as high manoeuvrability and visibility, high ride comfort in the field and on the road, variability regarding tyres and hitch systems and countless areas of application. 


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